• Created in 2022 as a geographical chapter from the CHRO Executive Circle, the HCM Leaders Network is an elite community of HCM leaders at the intersection of people, business, governance and society. It consists of a series of meetings and workshops to help HCM decision-makers navigate the people-related landscape and prepare for what’s on the horizon.

  • The HCM Leaders Network curates small, private peer-to-peer events and experiences by gathering guests either by company size, activity sector, geographical location, and/or HR role.

  • HCM Leaders experiences are delivered in-person and virtually to best comply with mobility, availability, time convenience and agenda of guests. Small, carefully selected working groups address specific themes as they relate to particular HCM trends, concerns and challenges. HCM Leaders examines, among others:

    • Talent acquisition and development
    • Employee experience
    • Compliance
    • Compensation, benefits and rewards
    • ESG and DEI
    • Employment law
    • HR technology
    • Organizational design
  • Through CHRO interviews, panel debates, workshops and roundtable discussions, HCM Leaders helps HCM decision makers get new perspectives, trigger lateral thinking, triangulate different perspectives, envision innovative solutions and strategies, and drive improved workforce performance within their companies.

  • HCM Leaders is completely independent from any commercial or academical influence. Meetings are strictly held off-the-record and closed to the press and public. Participation to HCM Leaders meetings is only possible by personal invitation.

‘The Circle is unique in delivering objective insights and inspiring cases from other employer organizations. Each session provides me a blend of new perspectives and actionable ideas  that are invaluable to me and to my company’.


‘The CHRO Executive Circle is an incredibly energic, well orchestrated, and professionally managed organization. The 3 terms « chro », « executive » and « circle » take their real significance and value’.