• 02 March 2023, Antwerp

    HCM Leaders | The new economics of work and the workforce

    • Rethinking the operating model to incorporate higher labor & business ops costs
    • Re-evaluating the HR costs of ‘nice to have’ versus ‘real value generated’
    • Repurposing HRIS, HR data and technology assets to optimize and deliver their full potential
    • Is extended outsourcing a sustainable way of containing people-related costs?
    • Headcounts reduction: real cost containment or wishful thinking?
  • 09 March 2023, Brussels

    CHRO Think-Tank | Towards the skills-based organization

    • What is a skills-based organization and how it differs from traditional ones?
    • Rethinking a new operating model for work and the workforce
    • Balancing the task-based employees with the skills-based ones
    • Building and sustain the right skills: more than a L&D journey!
    • Skills-based organization: how to move from good intentions to the realization?
  • 16 March 2023, Genval

    Belgian HR Excellence Awards 2023

    • Best HR Service & Solutions Providers
    • Best Employer Organizations
    • Best Inspiring HR Leaders
  • 24 April 2023, Mechelen

    HCM Leaders | The new perimeters of comp&ben and rewards: paying for good for all

    • Understanding new benefits and rewards models as the fuel of employee engagement
    • What to do to beyond salary increases and indexation?
    • What is the comp&ben grey zone in 2023 and how to best exploit it?
    • Linking pay to productivity, DEI or ESG: near future or wishful thinking?
    • Is there a real future for cafetaria plans? What are the alternatives?
  • 31 May 2023, Genval

    HR Leadership Summit | People & workplace strategies in a new societal reality

    • HRM challenges and opportunities of the new geo-political, economical and societal environment
    • Redesigning work and the workplace to foster new employee experiences beyond the conventional spheres
    • How to create the necessary mindset to support the company’s ESG and DEI objectives
    • Accelerating the technology-human collaboration from a people, technology and operational perspective
    • Among other themes covered…
  • 20 June 2023, Brussels

    CHRO Think Tank | The people imperative to sustainability

    • Defining a clear people-related sustainability strategy and value creation
    • Embedding ESG purpose and accountability in work
    • Enabling a sustainable and equitable workplace: more than just a cultural matter
    • Driving sustainability change: preparing for metrics and reporting
    • Leveraging data and technology to elevate HR-driven metrics and sustainability outcomes.
  • 04 October 2023, Brussels

    CHRO Think Tank | Smart work (hyper)automation strategies

    • Understanding the rationale to hyper-automate low-value tasks
    • Differentiating automation and intelligent automatization of tasks
    • AI, robotics, cloud…: which technology for which automation and which objective?
    • Assessing your organization’s automation and change readiness
    • Beware of the jobs killer syndrome: how to keep ethical and social dimensions in automation?
  • November 2023, Ghent

    HCM Leaders | Red, blue, green, yellow: the 4 worlds of work by 2030

    • The Red World is where organizations are racing to differentiate through intense innovation and personalization.
    • Blue world is where ‘bigger is better’ model moves to social responsibility as a people and business imperative.
    • Green World is where a strong social conscience and environmental responsibility go beyond the financial
    • Yellow World is where humans come first with meaning and relevance in what they do
  • 07 December 2023, Brussels

    CHRO Think Tank | Meaning + purpose: the HRM mantra for 2024 and beyond

    • Why meaning and purpose will matter so much in 2024?
    • How to map collective and individual purpose
    • How to create a meaningful, purpose-driven workplace and culture?
    • Are meaningful and purposeful jobs the ultimate driver of employee engagement?
    • Amplifying purpose to personalized employee experience