• 23 October 2023, Ghent

    CHRO Connect | People transformation: are you ready for the next big challenges

    • Rethinking transformative people strategies in a complex economic and competitive landscape
    • Accelerating the digital HR transition to drive effective transformational change
    • Re/Upskilling talents: what works, what doesn’t?
    • Innovative Comp&Ben&Rewards aligned with new people challenges and expectations
    • Meeting the ESG and DEI  imperatives as true talent attractiveness and retention differentiator
  • 15 November 2023, Brussels

    CHRO Think Tank | The imperative HR roadmap to sustainability

    • Defining a clear people-related sustainability strategy and value creation
    • Embedding ESG purpose and accountability in work
    • Enabling a sustainable and equitable workplace: more than just a cultural matter
    • Driving sustainability change: preparing for metrics and reporting
    • Leveraging data and technology to elevate HR-driven metrics and sustainability outcomes.
  • 07 December 2023, Brussels

    CHRO Think Tank | Meaning + purpose: the HRM mantra for 2024 and beyond

    • Why meaning and purpose will matter so much in 2024?
    • How to map collective and individual purpose
    • How to create a meaningful, purpose-driven workplace and culture?
    • Are meaningful and purposeful jobs the ultimate driver of employee engagement?
    • Amplifying purpose to personalized employee experience