• 17 February 2022

    CHRO Catalyst | Hybrid-work in 2022: what works, what doesn’t?

    • What did HR departments learn after 2 years of operating hybrid work and worplaces?
    • What are the key lessons learned about what works and what does not?
    • What’s next for establishing hybrid work as the future norm?
  • 16 March 2022

    HR Excellence Awards + Corporate HR Awards 2021 - Genval

    • Belgium’s most prestigious awards for HR organizations and HR service providers
    • Fully objective, transparent procedure
    • Act as Belgium’s barometer of the evolving maturity of the HR sector
    • Glamorous Awards ceremony highlighted by an outstanding show and extraordinary artists
  • 30 March 2022

    CHRO Think-Tank - Brussels | Emerging technologies: what’s ahead for HR departments?

    • Will the future workplace necessarily be fully cloud and AI enabled?
    • How to define a clear HR technology adoption and integration roadmap?
    • Digital innovation vs workplace vision: a new critical balancing act
  • 28 April 2022

    HR Leadership Summit 2022 - Genval | Workplace in motion: what comes next?

    • Building the critical building blocks and transition roadmap for the extended digital workplace
    • Delivering the workplace as a service – a new journey to exceptional employee experiences
    • Hyperautomation of tasks by capitalizing on what humans and technology can best accomplish together
    • Remote workers, employee wellness, productivity: how will CHROs really address the challenge?
  • June 2022

    CHRO Catalyst | Making the connection: aligning workforce performance with compensation & rewards

    • AI, IoT, 5G, bid data… how the world 4.0 drastically reshapes employee productivity and performance
    • Can stricter productivity tracking really improve employee engagement and productivity rates?
    • Re-aligning business performance KPIs with employee performance KPIs
  • 22 June 2022

    CHRO Think-Tank | Employee mobility: preparing for the big shift

  • 05 October 2022

    CHRO Think-Tank | The trust imperative: the biggest HR challenge of the decade

  • 16 November 2022

    CHRO Think-Tank | HR analytics 2022: balancing the myth, the magic, and the reality

  • 06 December 2022

    CHRO Think-Tank | Preparing for the turnover tsunami and wave of voluntarily departures