• 22 May 2024, Genval

    HR Leadership Summit 2024

    Initiated in 2012, the HR Leadership Summit goes well beyond traditional HR conferences. It is a place to think. A forum to envision the growing intersection of people, business, society and technology. A platform to learn from extraordinary CHROs and visionary industry experts. And a fabulous network energized by forward-thinking HR Leaders and remarkable Service Providers who bring a content-rich, uniquely spontaneous and straightforward atmosphere. See details on www.hrleadershipsummit.com

  • 05 June 2024, Brussels

    CHRO Circle Think Tank | Meaning + purpose: the HR mantra for the next decade

    • Why meaning and purpose will matter so much in 2024?
    • How to map collective and individual purpose
    • How to create a meaningful, purpose-driven workplace and culture?
    • Are meaningful and purposeful jobs the ultimate driver of employee engagement?
    • Amplifying purpose to personalize employee experience: what to do, concretely?
  • 17 September 2024, Mechelen

    CHRO Circle Think Tank | Strategic Workforce planning redefined

    • Key SWP trends and insights for 2024 and beyond
    • The new SWP approach: facts-based or predictive?
    • Role-based versus skills-based SWP: separating myths from the reality
    • Can AI really improve SWP and turn to SWP intelligence?
    • SWP purpose: improving time to hire or quality hiring?
    • Critical success factors: what works in SWP, what doesn’t?
  • 15 October 2024, Mechelen

    CHRO Circle Think Tank | Rethinking the technology workplace: looking for productivity, not just employee experience

    • Key technology trends that are reshaping workplace design and productivity
    • Harnessing the rise of AI and hyperautomation in the workplace
    • Meeting the digital workplace data and apps complexity challenges
    • Setting up a new and ambitious digital workplace roadmap
    • Key CSFs to achieve the digital workplace ambitions

    (This session is organized conjointly with the CIO Executive Circle network)

  • 05 December 2024, Brussels

    CHRO Circle Think Tank | Transformative HR: going on the offensive and making thinks happen

    • DEI, cost of HR, work simplification, absenteeism: the 4 key HR challenges ahead of 2025
    • Diversity + equity + transparent pay: how to move from good intentions to effective outcomes?
    • Reducing the cost of HR: rationalize, optimize, or simply cut?
    • Work simplification: time for lateral thinking and solutions
    • Reducing absenteeism: radical measures versus prevention and discernment